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Your baby's life story begins with RhoGAM

RhoGAM has given hope to Rh-negative mothers by protecting generations of Rh-positive babies since 1968.1-4 Today, we are honored to be part of your baby's life story. The remarkable history of RhoGAM is made up of unique stories like yours.

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The RhoGAM Donor Story

The RhoGAM story began with one generous donor

James Harrison was known as the "man with the golden arm." When his Rh antibodies were discovered by the team of scientists searching for the answer to Rh disease, he became the first plasma donor. Over his lifetime, he generously gave over 1,000 donations, a gift that has saved more than 2.4 million babies.5

Today, that spirit of generosity still lives on through Kedrion's donors.

RhoGAM is made with human plasma, or the yellow, straw-colored portion of the blood that transports antibodies. This plasma is collected from 500 donors at our KEDPLASMA facility.1 Most of our donors have been donating for 5 years, with some donating for more than 30 years.

The story continues

Kedrion is committed to eradicating hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn throughout the world. Learn more about our dedication to global initiatives to educate and inform about Rh incompatibility at wirhe.org.

For more information on pregnancy, Rh-disease and anti-D therapy, visit pregnancy28.com.