Resources for your Office

Download the Teaching Chart

Teaching Chart

Downloadable chart to help explain how and why HDFN can develop and how RhoGAM works to potentially prevent it.

Download the Patient Brochure

Patient Brochure

Explains Rh sensitization, HDFN, and RhoGAM in a patient-friendly manner.

Download the Control Form and Patient ID Card

Control Form & Patient ID Card

Educational Videos

Watch the RhoGAM Overview video

RhoGAM Overview

Three healthcare professionals– an obstetrician, a nurse, and a blood banker–review the history and heritage of RhoGAM, along with key clinical data and important features of the RhoGAM syringe.

Watch the Hospital Pharmacist Overview video

Hospital Pharmacist Overview

A director of pharmacy thought leader provides a hospital pharmacy perspective on RhoGAM's heritage, clinical data, and product features.

Watch the Administration Video video

Administration Video

Learn how to properly and safely administer an injection of RhoGAM.